Video For Business

Why is Video So Important ?

5 Billion Videos are watched on Youtube every day.

In 5 years, Facebook will likely be a video only platform.

Today, video is the most prevalent marketing medium.

If you're not using it, your business isn't being seen.

Isn't It Expensive ?

Yes, if you're James Cameron or John Lewis. But it doesn't have to be.

We specialise in creating engaging, creative ongoing content for a reasonably priced, straightforward, fixed-fee subscription.

Subscription: Why do I need more than one video?

You don't send your clients one newsletter and then leave it at that. Well, it's the same with video.
To keep your business visible with your customers, once isn't enough. You need to plan to deliver great visual content consistently.

The Good News

That's what we do. As a renowned production company, we've created oodles of great content for radio, TV and online. With our simple turnkey solution, we will:

  1. Create a tailored video content plan for your business
  2. Script and produce your videos
  3. Deliver them ready for social media, online and your customers’ inboxes

Who We’ve Worked With

Case Studies

The Client

A recruitment company who wants to appeal to the right candidates for vacancies in a specific sector.

The Video

A mock entrance exam encouraging candidates with a specific skill set to consider getting in touch and explore new opportunities.

The Client

A retailer targeting teens and millennials and looking for an idea that’s fun and engaging and which will differentiate from competitors.

The Video

Created for social media, The Top 5 Fashion Mistakes is a quirky guide to pop star wardrobe malfunctions – complete with retailer branding.

Other Video Work

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