Music Recording

There's no way to get your musical mojo moving in the right direction if you're not in the right location.

The space you work in makes a big difference to what you create and how you create it. The more comfortable you are, the better you perform. The better you perform, the better the results.

Or to put it another way - the music sounds better with us.

Spacious Recording Booth

Our recording booth is ideally suited to recording vocals with up to 5 perfomers simultaneously. In addition, the space is ideally suited to acoustic instruments. Should it be required, we also have the facility to record HD video. We use high quality condenser valve microphones which give you versatile recording options in many scenarios.

Recording Kit

Pro Tools is at the heart of our recording console but we also have other software suites including the Ableton Live Suite and Adobe Audition – as well as a vast array of high end mixing and mastering plugins.

In terms of outboard equipment – our emphasis is on quality not quantity. All mics can be fed through our classic Focusrite Red 1 pre amp or directly into our C24 Control Surface.

The C24 allows for maximum integration with Pro Tools and a seamless recording and mix experience.