Radio Start

For us, radio is where it all began. And what a great place to start. As a radio producer, you have limited tools in your arsenal. Without the ability to razzle an audience with showy graphics or dazzle with jumpy cuts, you are forced back to the basics.

That, of course, is a good thing.

Substance Not Style

That means most of the focus is on substance not style. Bereft of any other gimmickry, the emphasis is on one thing and one thing only – content.
Working in radio, you learn how to craft and structure programmes and information so as to interest, excite and hold an audience.

These are the basics of good communication and the fundamental lessons that last you a media lifetime.

Important Lessons

Radio could be considered a gateway medium. If you’re good at radio, you’re good at engaging an audience. If you’re good at that, you’re good at lots of things where communication is required.

Once learned, these important lessons have never been forgotten. Since those early days, we’ve applied this simple focus on engaging an audience to all of our work across many radio genres – short form, commercials, documentary, drama, comedy, episodic – on our own projects and in collaboration with other talented producers who we’ve been lucky enough to work for and with.

Production Services

As a company we’ve grown because we’ve incorporated those simple principles into everything else we do – video production, online work, our training courses and all aspects of our expanded portfolio of production services.


Radio Commercials

When your commercial is back to back with every other radio advertiser, you need to be innovative to be heard. We focus on creating content with cut through so you’re brand stands proud on the air.

Radio Programming

We’re proud to have worked on award winning programming for broadcasters near and far. If you listen to the radio anywhere, you’ve likely heard at least one thing which started life in our studios.


Podcasting is the medium of the moment. As well as creating inhouse content, we help companies and brand to create, develop and distribute their own unique podcasting series.