Radio Programming

Anyone whose career started in radio likely understands the importance of audio and sound mix and the power of it’s impact.

Over the years, we’ve worked with some of the best in the business. Today, we have a hand in many of the radio programmes which have aired on radios all over Ireland and further afield.


Short Form

Short form radio is particularly suited to commercial radio formats, where time is typically of the essence. Reaching an audience across press, Website Mini Bytes was one of the biggest ever Irish syndicated radio series. The Irish Indie Alphabet poked some cynical fun at the Irish indie scene. Hear these and other samples below.

Radio Docs

As a production facility, we’ve produced many radio documentaries. As well as shining a light on fascinating subjects, our documentaries attempt to make use of audio in all of it’s varied hues. These are a sample of some documentary moments from the Tinpot archive.

Radio Drama

As well as producing some of our own radio dramas, we’ve been lucky enough to facilitate, co-produce or collaborate with many other leading radio producers to help them bring their pages to life for radio audiences everywhere.

Radio Pilots

For every programme that makes the air, there will be others that never get past the post.  Related to personnel, budgets, fashion, timing, inclement weather or any other reason you care to think of, there are any number of reasons why some radio projects do or don’t get the green light. Here are some cuts from our cabinet of dusty gems.

Heard Here