Radio Commercials

In 2018, 82% of all adults in Ireland listened to the radio for nearly 4 hours per day. By any definition, that’s a sizeable audience. The lure of digital may be strong, but you’re ignoring a lot of eardrums if you’re not on the air.

Should you decide to advertise on the radio, we don’t need to tell you that your mini epic will be shoehorned between plenty of other radio commercials – all vying for your audience’s attention.

How, then, do you make your ad count?

How To Make A Radio Commercial

In one of our training courses, we teach a module specifically about radio advertising. Below are some of the key takeaways about the effective art of commercials on the wireless.

Less Is More

Distill your message and then distil it again. If your ad has more than 2 or 3 key points, they will get lost in the mix.

Always Be Creative

Your valuable airtime is best spent trying to engage or entertain the audience you’re wooing. If creativity isn’t your streak, then work with people who have a proven track record of creating interesting ideas.

Humour Is Gold

When was the last time you smiled when you heard an ad on the radio. Are you still trying to remember ? Humour is not easily achieved but it is hugely effective in terms of owning an audience.

The Audio Landscape

Consider all the tools at your disposal – including voiceover, sound effects, jingles, and background music. Judicious use of these elements will hugely aid recall, differentiate your brand, and turn your off-Broadway spot into a Tony Award-winner.

No Ad is An Island

Don’t just think about the ad. Think about the campaign. If you’ve got lots of messaging, consider splitting content over a series of ads and rotating accordingly. Radio works most effectively through repetition so you need to have an ongoing strategy to capitalise over the longer term.

Beat Blank Page Syndrome

The hardest part is often the start. The first couple of words on the blank page can be slow to come. Reviewing other creative ideas can often give you that all important initial creative momentum

Mark Leech

Media Relations Manager

Bank of Ireland

“Daryl did an excellent job for me on a number of audio production projects which required top quality creative input and a quick turnaround. He is great with clients and professional in all aspects of his work. I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at Tinpot Productions.”


From one-man-bands to international brands – we’ve done it all. We’ve produced thousands of commercials across numerous sectors. Here’s a selection of our aural best bits. All of the below were conceived, created and delivered by our own in-house team.




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