The Tinpod Podcast

Presented by Tinpot Head Honcho Daryl Moorhouse it's called The Tinpod - for obvious reasons.

The idea is to talk to producers from all sectors of the Creative Community - interesting people who make stuff for TV, radio, video, social media, online - who have a point of view and a love of craft.

It's about having interesting conversations about the tools and techniques of production industries. If it's a good conversation, everybody learns something and we all do our bit to make the world a better place.

Well, maybe not the last bit.
But you get the idea.

Biggie Smalls is in the House

Know Your Role and Shut Your Hole. You are the highest paid person in the room..

Lisa Biggs

In the first ever Tinpod podcast, Lisa Biggs talks to us about 20 years in the voiceover game, finding her true voice and taking the alias of a rap legend.


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The Tinpod Trailer

We are about to start doing something that we've been talking about for a long time

Daryl Moorhouse

Before the Tinpot Productions Podcast kicks off later this week, here’s a short trailer explaining what it’s all about.

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