Because almost everybody has a smartphone, almost everybody has the ability to credit, shoot, edit, and publish their own videos, photos, podcasts, and even virtual reality content.

As the lines between consumer and professional grade audio and video equipment begin to merge, professional results are more easily attainable by anybody and everybody.


Bridging the Skills Gap

Just because you have the tools, that doesn’t mean you have the skills. A keyboard doesn’t make you a writer. A camera doesn’t make you a cinematographer. A microphone doesn’t guarantee you an audience.

Training is the bridge that will take you through that skills gap. That’s where we come in.

Make Better Content

Whether you want to improve the quality of your own Youtube videos, iTunes podcasts, or online content, or whether you’d like to up-skill your staff to produce better marketing content, we can help.

As a functioning production company, we’re at the media coalface – delivering audio and video projects to a wide range of clients. Uniquely, we also have huge experience working in media production training – whether that be radio, audio, video, or online.

Our unique approach has been tried and tested with tens of thousands all over Ireland and internationally.

Our Training Is…


In order to be effective, training needs to be tailored, tried, tested, and tweaked to be sure that the intended audience will benefit.


The days of passively learning things by rote are gone. Nowadays students need to engage with their subject, learn by doing, and be motivated by their own results and progression.


Because the world is a more visual place, video and images make for a more natural and sticky learning experience.


Radio Training

The  skills of a radio presenter are universally applicable. Radio is a gateway skill which improves your ability to communicate, engage and interact with an audience.

Video Training

Nowadays everyone has a camera but few people know how to utilise their camera to best effect. We can teach you how to make the most of your smart phone or device.

TY Transmission

Our hugely popular TY Transmission radio training course has been delivered in schools all over Ireland. This course is packed full of interactive, interesting insights into the world of broadcast radio.