About Radio Training

Radio is what we think like to think of as a gateway skill. It is all about the fundamentals of good communication.

If you know how to be good on radio, you know how to be good at presentations, pitches, job interviews, anything where engaging an audience is involved.

Skills are transferrable to podcasting - the medium of the moment

Radio Training Clients

About Our Training

The backbone of all our training is our industry experience. Our experience in the broadcast industry spans more than two decades and we understand the demands of a fast moving, highly evolving industry.

Our training expertise is derived from having created and produced thousands of hours of radio content, commercials, and programming

Innovative Approach

As well as face-to-face training, we provide online and blended tutorials, enabling users to work at their own pace and comfort level. These interactive videos encourage learning through engagement rather than by rote.

As part of our courses, participants are developing their own creative production and presentation skills and leave with the course with tangible assets – demos or audio showreels.

Radio Course Content

Our radio courses cover the wide range of roles with the radio sector – from copywriting and commercial production, through to voiceover, music formatting, research methodology, presentation skills, and even career tips.