Video Training

From our training to our trainers, everything we do is focused on delivering industry-integrated training.

Whether it’s working with national broadcasters or producers at the top of their game, we deliver the insights from the media coalface.

Our training is informed by our sister company Tinpot Productions, an established production company who have worked across numerous award-winning programmes and campaigns for a huge range of local, national, and international clients and brands.


Video For Business Tips

When it comes to marketing, video should be the bazooka in your armory.

But if you don't know how to use it, it might be more like a water pistol.

Fear not.

Dive into our interactive blog series to get the lowdown on how to master the fundamentals of great video content.

Bespoke Solutions

The best training solution is the one that works for you. We’ll work with you to tailor training resources, content, and learning outcomes that dovetail with your curriculum, course, or educational goals.

That puts the focus on the things that matter and ensures that you get educational material that is meaningful, engaging and effective.

Interactive as Standard

Our tutorial videos come with interactivity as standard. This enables students to engage with content in meaningful ways and track their progress at modular and course level.

For the educator, it gives an overview of student learning, proficiency in particular areas, and insights as to which areas of course content are proving problematic for students.

Video Course Content

Our bespoke video courses cater for all skillsets and are delivered in an accessible manner, covering all of the need-to-know elements for producing corporate, promotional, or social media videos on a constrained budget.

All participants will get an essential grounding in the three phases of any video production – pre-production, production and post-production – and the course will cover camera techniques scripting, storyboards, shot lists, camera technique, lighting, audio and video editing, graphics, as well as best-practice for uploading to the web or social media.

This course can be delivered in our city centre production suite or at your chosen location.