The Wrong Corporate Video Question

We are – at our core – a visual species. Our brains are hard wired to comprehend visual stimuli and graphical content in more meaningful ways.

For most people, Youtube is the first port of call for any and all types of information – whether it's how to boil an egg or split an atom.

If you’re in business and you find yourself asking the question "Should I use video?", you’re asking the wrong question and missing an important word...

How Should I Use Corporate Video?

…would be a more pertinent question. Because, all of your customers are watching video and visual content on all of their devices at all times of the day. If you’re not in their frame, you are missing a trick.

How you should make a corporate video is another conversation entirely. There are numerous creative and production opportunities that could be explored.
At the outset, let’s keep thing simple and start by thinking differently.

The Importance of Differentiation

Because, in all honesty, a lot of corporate videos are all a bit ho-hum – adhering a bit too tightly to the stereotypical version of what a corporation should be instead of representing themselves as unique and different.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this difference. It’s the things that set you apart from your competitors that make you stand out from the crowd
Nobody’s suggesting you go for Twin Peaks surrealism. Pitted against the bulk of corporate video output, different doesn’t need to be radical to be effective.

How Do We Make Corporate Videos

In the first instance, let’s forget about the video and start with a conversation. If that conversation can unearth the fundamentals of your business then we’re off to a good start. These fundamentals will inform our approach and give us the necessary information to build a concept, and then create and render that concept as simply and efficiently as possible. Throughout, you are part of the process.

It’s a collaboratory thing and we’ll need your input, insights and ultimately approval to make this come together.

Don’t worry. We’ll look after the devils in the detail, do the heavy lifting and make best use of your time – where it’s required. And, working together if we can make your video a little less ‘corporate’ that might be no bad thing.

Kevin Kent

Head of Marketing

Laya Healthcare

“Daryl doesn't simply take a script or brief and deliver it, he adds value through his expertise and creativity. What sets Tinpot Productions apart are their attention to detail and the time they take to get to know their clients and their subject area. This enables them to work like an extra arm of the team.”


4 Reasons You Should Use Video


Prevalence in Search Results

Online search results are increasingly becoming populated with video options. Your online visibility can be boosted by focussing on video content and targetting google search results.

Gives Your Brand A Personality

Video is a great way to put a strong visual element to your business, creating a more relatable, memorable brand.

Your Audience Expects It

Video is now the most dominant medium and your audience is consuming it night and day. A lack of video content gives you an immediate competitive disadvantage.

Video Can be Tracked and Interactive

As well as being extremely engaging, interactive video gives you detailed, granular information about users. This can be particularly useful for e-learning but also for other commercial applications.

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