Show Don't Tell

"Don’t tell me the moon is shining. Show me the glint of light on broken glass."

Reportedly coined by the famous Russian playwright, Anton Chekhov, this is the concept of Show Don’t Tell boiled down to one pithy sentence.


The Explainer Video, Explained

Or to put it another way – when it comes to explaining things – visualisations are better than descriptions. If it was true in the 20th Century, it remains true today.

If you want to hold eyeballs, the explainer video is a great way to do it. Typically animated or graphical in style, the successful explainer video will distil the key points of a presentation into an eye-catching and arresting format.

As a marketer in a visual world it’s important that you think visually, but also know where to draw the line.

Some Show, Some Tell

In order to be effective, the approach needs to be considered. An explainer video which is all show and no tell will probably simplify your presentation, omitting important detail.

Voiceover may well be required to fill in the gaps or technical points, and smart use of music and sound effects will make your video all the more engaging.

One in the Mix

The explainer video might only be one part of the marketing mix. In fact, it may only serve as an introductory video – a snapshot to reel customers in. Further down the sales pipeline, you can introduce more detailed information.

Your proportions of show and tell will be the all-important factor here – ensuring your audience is getting the right amount of information and in the right way.

Given consideration to these factors, in tandem with an eye-catching visual and production style, will lead to better results once you’re explainer goes online.
We can of course help with all of the above.