The Good News :

The director wants to bring the whole kit, case and crew for a three week location shoot in New York City.


The Bad News :

The producer won’t pay for it.

Well, green screen may well be the next best thing.

Place your talent against a green screen backdrop and the visual world will be your oyster.

You want a herd of African elephants roaming in the background? Check.

Want to put some explanatory gobbledygook in the rear? We can do that.

Green screen opens up a world of creative opportunities without encountering the uncertainty and associated costs of location shoots.

Our studio complex has everything you need to get the job done with maximum output and minimum hassle.

Trust us.

We’ve literally got your back.

Some Green Screen Applications

E learning content

Using a presenter to deliver e learning content against a green screen backdrop allows the best of both worlds.

You get the benefits of using a presenter to engage your audience matched with the ability to use suitable graphics or images – video screenshots, explanatory diagrams or infographics which help to increase audience understanding.

Explainer Videos

Instructive content is far easier to understand if graphical supports are well deployed.

Green screen allows you to overlay your presenter with pertinent explanatory video content or graphics so that you are making best use of visual cues.

Personal Showreel

If you’re an actor or presenter on the make, green screen is a great way to create your own video showreel.

Working in a controlled, professional, studio environment, you can concentrate on performance and delivery and let us look after the rest. The flexibility of green screen enables you to have multiple options in terms of variety.

Product Demonstrations

Those widgets won’t sell themselves. If you’ve got some video footage of your product in action, green screen could be used as a great way of informing users about it’s operation.

A well placed presenter can explain and highlight the specifics of it’s operation and overlaid graphics will make the message more comprehensible.