The Importance of Voiceovers

In the same way as the right casting can make or break a Hollywood blockbuster, the right voiceover can be the difference between success and failure.
They are the audio ambassador for your brand, widget or creative undertaking; the narrator of your documentary; the presenter of your podcast; the protagonist in your radio play.
They are important.

The Right Voiceover

Who you pick is important. What might happen if you cast The Rock in Pride and Prejudice or Kim Kardashian in The Handmaids Tale ? When you’re looking for the right voiceover, a little bit of consideration will go a long way.

Don’t worry, though, we can help you make that essential selection. We’ve cast, recorded and edited more voiceovers from more than countries than frankly anyone cares to remember.
We’re typically turnkey so we can pick the voice, do the deal, record the audio and deliver it back to you.

Plenty of Options

We’ve helped many aspiring voiceover artists turn their part-time hobby into a paying career and we offer plenty of options to get others on the first step into the industry.

Whether the end product is technical, commercial or aesthetic, broadcast, e-book or online learning – we know the right voice will make a difference. The wrong one will make plenty of headaches.


VO Recording Services

The voice is the bedrock and the most important element of many an audio production. Nailing the right artist and the right read will involve make or break decisions for your project.

Record a VO Demo

Work with the experts to get your bespoke voiceover demo rehearsed, recorded, mastered and ready for the international voiceover industry

Voice Samples

Just give us the spec and let us help you find the right voice for your project