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So, how do you become a VO artist?

At Tinpot Productions, we’ve been producing audio stuff for over 15 years.

We’ve worked with voice talent, agencies, clients, broadcasters, producers, filmmakers, animators, corporate bodies, charities engineers from multiple sectors.

Hopefully, that qualifies us to answer the question.



In the course of our work, we’ve been lucky to be able to give many voiceover artists their first industry break and we’ve seen the VO virtues that differentiate success from failure. If you’re just starting out, it’s useful to think of it as a three step process.

Let’s call them the Three R’s

Practice Makes Perfect

Initially, practise might not make you perfect, but it will make you better. If you want to start working in VO, start by practising and record your rehearsals from day one. Not even household-name presenters like listening back to themselves, but it is the best way to improve your output. Those first tentative recordings will become the benchmark, by which you will, in time, mark your improvements.

Try to be objectively critical without being overly negative. If you’re starting at ground zero, any improvement is positive and incrementally those improvements will add up. With patience and perseverance, you will soon be ready for step 2.

Your Audio Calling Card

Once you feel you’ve taken things as far as you can go, it’s time to seek professional help. Even the best voiceovers in the world are used to working with direction and it’s essential if you want to get the best out of your voice. A reputable, experienced sound engineer will quickly spot your strengths or weaknesses and suggest how best your specific skills might be utilised or improved.

Voicing in a real recording studio, you’ll understand what it’s like to work with clients in a paid gig scenario. The polish of a professional edit or sound mix on your voiceover demo is also essential if you want to put your best foot forward.

Spread the Word

It’s no good being good unless you’re also being found. Technology is impacting every aspect of the production industry – not least the way in which the voiceover industry is structured. Many established voiceovers will tell you that work is increasingly being sourced direct by clients, who are finding their voices online and cutting deals directly with talent. In this context, your online voiceover presence will be ever more important. You will need to be aware of which online platforms your energy is best spent on.

Despite it’s massive audience reach, the radio industry is a reasonably small one – employing a small number of key production contacts. Understanding the demands and priorities of a busy radio producer will help you to tailor your approach so as to achieve the best results. There are many other potential sectors where voiceover is a required service and your understanding of these industries and how they are structured will help you to spread your options and opportunities for voiceover work.


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Darren Rice

Radio Producer and Presenter, Beat 102 103

Darren is a highly experienced and well recognised radio presenter and voiceover artist. He presents Beat at Work, on youth radio station Beat 102 103 which broadcasts to 90,000 listeners across 5 counties in the southeast of Ireland.
He also hosts the Saturday Selection, playing the best in house & techno. Darren is also responsible for radio station commercial production and station imaging.
Darren has been nominated for eight Irish Radio awards in the last 10 years and has contributed extensively to the Waterford Institute of Technology Radio course.

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