Voiceover Recording Services

You want a voiceover recorded.

You want a convenient Dublin location.

You want somebody who's done this before (maybe a couple of thousand times).

You want the job done right.

We're ticking all of those boxes. And some of the other ones you you might not have thought of yet.

What We Do

Voice Casting

Every project has an intended audience. You want to target your message as effectively as possible and tailor your messaging to be effective. The right voice will help you to make that connection and ensure your content is being heard and understood. We can provide numerous voice options from our tried-and-tested suppliers, or source a bespoke voice to your specific requirements.

Voice Recording

Putting that voice to tape isn’t just a matter of hitting record. Audio quality should be a fundamental consideration. Bad audio compromises your messaging from the outset. An experienced engineer will ensure you bag the best takes as well as getting multiple alternative options – just in case. A comfortable location will make all the difference in terms of relaxing cast and crew alike.

Voice Editing

Ever heard the phrase 'fix it in the mix' – referring to the engineers magical ability to fix any technical issues in post production. You’d be surprised how much a recording can be further crafted after the fact. A great sound engineer will quickly salvage the best of a bad session, and make a good one even better. In the hands of a great engineer, the voice edit will hide mistakes, remove plosives, pops, clicks, hesitations, hums and stutters.

Voice Mastering

Once the edit is locked down, it’s time to sweeten the audio. With judicious use of the engineers arsenal of tools – eq, compression, reverb, limiting – voice tone and quality can be enhanced and improved – so that your end product will stand up and stand out against the competition.

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Providing voice casting, voice recording and post production services to Irish and international educational mutli-nationals.

TV and Video

Voiceovers to picture might be required as part of in-house video productions, or working with external clients who may be based locally or remotely – connecting via ISDN, Skype or Source Connect.

Radio Commercials

Radio commercials are one of our core services and we’ve created radio spots for every station in Ireland.

Radio Programming

We’ve recorded voices for every conceivable radio genre – documentary, drama, long form, short form, factual, and comedy.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with the cream of Irish and international voiceover talent across a variety of fun animations.

Audio Books

We know everything there is to know about how to record, edit and deliver high-word-count projects – factoring for expected changes and revisions.


Voiceovers for numerous and varied projects to be deployed online.


Our spacious recording booth is a popular option with clients recording round table discussions or podcasts.