Our Story

We now understand why the shoemaker’s children went barefoot – when you’ve spent so long telling other people’s stories, it’s not that easy to tell your own.

An easy get out might be to say that our story is actually an amalgam of all the stories we’ve told. Those stories might have started as a casual conversation, a watertight brief, a drunken notion, or even a jovial wager.

From various starts, these dandering things have taken taken their own shape – content made flesh – populating into radio, tv, online and elsewhere. Throughout, not a little work is required.

The creative process needs debatable percentages of inspiration and perspiration.

They’ve had to be prodded and poked, stretched and squeezed, caressed and cajoled along the way. Because an idea is all well and good but every devil knows success is in the detail. In business, ideas without success are a vanity not many of us can afford. When you’ve got your eyes in the stars, it pays to keep at least a toe on the ground.

And, yes over the years, the goalposts have shifted, been upcycled and re-assembled. Yesterday’s TV is today’s digital, today’s digital is tomorrow’s history.

So what. Simple, clean, concise, great ideas will express themselves no matter where you put them and change should be embraced, not evaded.

That’s why, despite perhaps being a barefoot childhood, Abraham Lincoln didn’t turn out too bad.