What Is ISDN ?

Isn’t that the thing we used to use for connecting to the internet.

In the day of

Now that we’ra all surfing on super whizzy fibre broadband, you might think of ISDN as the dinosaur in the room – a slightly improved version of a 56k modem.

facilitates the connection between 2 people in 2 remote locations in (usually broadcast) quality.


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What are the benefits of ISDN.

Why use ISDN

ISDN Atlernatives

Your E-Learning Partner

Do you know how exactly many spoken words it’s possible to record in one hour ? Or, where to source the best Russian voiceover ? Or, how to cast and record an online project requiring 150 separate characters in two weeks ?

You don’t…

That’s ok.

We do and we’re here to help. Our turnkey approach means you don’t need to swamped in the detail. We’ll take your production spec and deliver in time and on budget. E-learning projects are often delivered against tight deadlines and it can be easy to let priorities slide.

We pride ourselves on an approach prioritises the production elements of a project without compromising on quality or aesthetics.


Over the last 15 years, we’ve worked with some of the biggest e-learning, ebook and educational companies in the world. Through experience, we understand the demands and dynamics of complicated, detailed projects. Our production experience perfectly positions us to source the best voice talent for your budget and required outcome.

The chaps are totally fab

Maeve McNamaraHMH

The chaps are totally fab

SomeoneOther Company

Ten out of Ten


Voice Casting

You give us the brief and we’ll give you the options. Whether it’s one of the many voiceovers for our own inhouse, international pool or a bespoke new voice – we can do it. Our industry voice relationships have been built over many years so our talent are all versatile, flexible and fast.


There are a number of ways to connect with voiceover artists – locally or internationally. Our Dublin city HQ is perfect for client attended sessions. Or, you can connect from the comfort of your own office. Using ISDN, skype, Source Connect, Skype or other technologies we can patch you into a live session where you’ll be able to monitor with crystal clear broadcast quality audio.