Ian Doyle

You're not going to have the 80 thousand reach that a regular radio show in Dublin might have. But what you might have is a really, really engaged audience. You can really, really capture the ears of the audience.

Ian Doyle

Wireless Group podcast producer Ian Doyle joined us to discuss his love for all things audio, intermittent technophobia, building organic podcast audiences and why Ireland is a fertile breeding ground for podcasting content.

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Fantastic Mister Vox

Creativity is not something you're born with. Creativity is something you learn and anyone who says otherwise is just full of it.

Dave Foxx

Legendary radio imager and voiceover artiste Dave Foxx joins us on the Tinpod to talk about starting out as a “puker”, then moving from presenter to producer and becoming part of Z100’s signature sound.

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Ad Fab

It's so different when you're actually pitching to a client. It feels like I have way more responsibility. It's way more exciting

Ciara Gilmartin

From a Masters in Advertising to being mentored by the advertising industries greatest in Cannes, Ciara Gilmartin is a first class example of where talent will take you.

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Happy Snapper

If anyone was thinking of quitting a job to pursue something they want to do, go after it 100%. You can always go backwards. That desk job will always be waiting for you. If there's something you're even a tiny bit passionate about, go after it 110%.

Joe Ladrigan

In episode 09, we speak to financier-turned-photographer Joe Ladrigan about uncovering his latent camera talents later in life, the joy of learning and collaboration and the necessary evil of social media.

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Soul Survivor

There's no one fantastic, perfect job. And as the years go on it becomes about happiness and where you are in your life. The struggle and always reaching for that big gig. If I'm honest, that's bullshit.

Paul Duffy

When it comes to radio imaging in Ireland Paul Duffy has done it all, having worked as an imaging producer for major stations all over Ireland and the U.K. He joined us on the Tinpod to shoot the breeze at Tinpot Towers riffing on topics from radio to Northern Soul talking about passions, personal fulfillment and getting the work/life balance right.

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The Killer Mac

We have to make the technical side look like it's just happening by magic..

Eugene McCrystal

In episode 01 of series 02 of the Tinpod, Eugene McCrystal, Outer Limits production facility founder spoke to us about the evolution of the colorist, the enduring ubiquity of the Mac, the successful marriage of creativity and technology and how teamwork is still the fundamental key to success.

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Imaging Imagination

I remember seeing imaging on my work experience sheet and not knowing what that even was...???

Denzil Lacey

Imaging impresario Denzil Lacey tells us about the journey from fixing headphones in Dublin City FM to fixing mixes for Eminem and Diplo on Sirius XM.

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The Boutwell Boothmeister

What's the cool voice. Watch TV, Listen To The Radio, That's the Cool Voice.

Van Gunter

Out of Boutwell Studios in Birmingham, Alabama, Van Gunter joins us to talk about voice coaching, the appeal of podcasting and and the righteous power of silence

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Closer To The Edit

The toys in the box for sound design seem endless, you get lost very quickly making things that sound fun

Niall Brady

Screen Scene’s Niall Brady talks about how he started as an audio editor, the evolution of audio post production and diving into sound design rabbit holes

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