The Killer Mac

We have to make the technical side look like it's just happening by magic..

Eugene McCrystal

In episode 01 of series 02 of the Tinpod, Eugene McCrystal, Outer Limits production facility founder spoke to us about the evolution of the colorist, the enduring ubiquity of the Mac, the successful marriage of creativity and technology and how teamwork is still the fundamental key to success.

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Imaging Imagination

I remember seeing imaging on my work experience sheet and not knowing what that even was...???

Denzil Lacey

Imaging impresario Denzil Lacey tells us about the journey from fixing headphones in Dublin City FM to fixing mixes for Eminem and Diplo on Sirius XM.

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The Boutwell Boothmeister

What's the cool voice. Watch TV, Listen To The Radio, That's the Cool Voice.

Van Gunter

Out of Boutwell Studios in Birmingham, Alabama, Van Gunter joins us to talk about voice coaching, the appeal of podcasting and and the righteous power of silence

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Closer To The Edit

The toys in the box for sound design seem endless, you get lost very quickly making things that sound fun

Niall Brady

Screen Scene’s Niall Brady talks about how he started as an audio editor, the evolution of audio post production and diving into sound design rabbit holes

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Biggie Smalls is in the House

Know Your Role and Shut Your Hole. You are the highest paid person in the room..

Lisa Biggs

In the first ever Tinpod podcast, Lisa Biggs talks to us about 20 years in the voiceover game, finding her true voice and taking the alias of a rap legend.


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The Tinpod Trailer

We are about to start doing something that we've been talking about for a long time

Daryl Moorhouse

Before the Tinpot Productions Podcast kicks off later this week, here’s a short trailer explaining what it’s all about.

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